Points of View

03 Points of View 2701px

Points of View – 2014 – Hybrid on Canvas – 48″H x 36″W

A smaller version of this image was created for an exhibition titled “Point of View” at Blue Mountain Gallery in New York City. I looked for a location that would let me have some fun with the theme and decided to return to Wilmington Gorge, near Lake Placid, NY, with its multiple viewpoints and the great contrast of natural and man-made structures.

I spent the afternoon on a drawing which became the base layer for the hybrid image. It is a very traditional technique in art, using toned paper and white chalk along with pencil – a great contrast with the edgier hybrid approach.

gorge drawing 

When I started experimenting with other layers, I decided to use a section of the cover of a “Perspective Drawing” booklet I had as a young artist. It is used as a framing devise, yet merges with the image as well, contributing to the Escher-like experience.

drawing book

Below is the image that was printed on canvas, with the inclusion of the clip that was holding the drawing flat.

printed before painting

For the final stage of the hybrid process I added color with acrylic paint and reworked some of the transitions.

03 Points of View 2701px

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